The suit of Cups typically represents emotions and relationships. Common themes of exploration include:

  • Fantasies
  • Feelings
  • Ideas
  • Impressions
  • Intuition
  • Receptivity
  • Reflections
  • Religion
  • Spirituality
  • Subconscious

Like their element, water, emotions vary wildly and are constantly in motion. They can be forceful (and destructive) like a typhoon, shallow and insignificant like a puddle, or deep and unexplored like an ocean.

Color: Blue
Dimension: Life
Direction: East
Element: Water
Season: Summer

Interpreting Cups

When a Cup appears, you’re meant to dive deeply into yourself to examine and challenge your genuine desires.

Mostly Swords

A reading that is mostly made of up of Cup cards indicates that you are primarily driven by emotional conflicts right now. Evaluate your internal feelings carefully as well as your creative outlets and relationships.

Strengths of the Suit of Cups

The Cups strengths lie in their connection to feelings. At their best, they are empathetic, compassionate, and intuitive. The Cups excel in creative pursuits.

Weaknesses of the Cups

Sometimes there can be too much feelings in the Cups. At their worst, they are absorbed in emotion and abandon logic and facts. Sometimes, Cups fall too far into the creative and lose touch with reality. 

Alternative Names:

  • Blue
  • Cauldrons
  • Chalices
  • Goblets
  • Hearts
  • Vessels
  • Water

The Suit of Cups Cards

Dive deeper into the individual cards that make up the Suit of Cups.

Ace of Cups: a fresh emotional start

Two of Cups: attraction to another

Three of Cups: emotional expression

Four of Cups: stable emotions

Five of Cups: confronting emotions

Six of Cups: sharing freely

Seven of Cups: feeling creative

Eight of Cups: emotional change

Nine of Cups: attained happiness

Ten of Cups: emotional fulfilment

Page of Cups: learning about love

Knight of Cups: leading by emotion

Queen of Cups: emotional nurturing

King of Cups: controlled emotions

Examples of Cups Cards

Cups are meant to be a representation of receptivity. The Cup is a vessel that is waiting to be filled.

Here are 6 examples of cups cards that I love from different decks.

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