The Suit of Coins typically represents the material world. These are the real things in our everyday lives. Common themes of exploration include:

  • Environment
  • Finances
  • Material World
  • Money
  • Physicality
  • Practicality
  • Senses
  • Sensuality
  • Structure

Like their element, Earth, our material world is ever-changing with a wide variety of elements. Some things offer beauty, some are functional, some provide security, safety, and stability, and others are risky.

Color: Green or Brown
Dimension: Body
Direction: North
Element: Earth
Season: Winter

Interpreting Coins

When a Coin appears, you’re meant to examine your material actions, possessions, or desires and consider their influence on your life choices.

Mostly Coins

A reading that is mostly made of up of Coin cards indicates that you are strongly affected by issues in your material world.

Strengths of the Suit of Coins

The Coins strengths lie in their connections with the world. At their best, they are reliable and responsible. The Coins excel in hard work and effort.

Weaknesses of the Coins

Sometimes there can be too much stubbornness in the Coins. At their worst, they are greedy and possessive. Sometimes, Coins can be lazy and careless.

Alternative Names:

  • Diamonds
  • Disks
  • Earth
  • Pentacles
  • Spheres

The Suit of Coins Cards

Dive deeper into the individual cards that make up the Suit of Coins.

Ace of Coins: opportunities to prosper

Two of Coins: material comparisons

Three of Coins: getting work done

Four of Coins: financial stability

Five of Coins: financial instability

Six of Coins: sharing resources

Seven of Coins: material evaluation

Eight of Coins: working hard

Nine of Coins: enough of the material

Ten of Coins: financial celebrations

Page of Coins: financial learning

Knight of Coins: leading to financial success

Queen of Coins: encouraging material possessions

King of Coins: controlled finances

Examples of Coins Cards

Coins are meant to be a representation of physicality. The Coins is a physical object that you can do as you want with.

Here are 6 examples of coins cards that I love from different decks.

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