Master the Tarot

The most common tarot decks are inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. A deck contains 78 unique cards. Get started mastering each of the tarot cards from the beginning.

The Tarot

Major Arcana - Larger Themes of Life

Major Arcana

(aka the Trump cards)

The Major Arcana cards address your life’s most important issues and larger themes. They often represent forces that are outside your control.

Suit of Coins

(aka Discs, Pentacles, or Spheres)

The Suit of Coins typically represents the material world.

When a Coin appears, you’re meant to consider how the material influences your life choices.

Suit of Coins - the Material World
Suit of Cups - Emotions & Relationships

Suit of Cups

(aka Chalices or Vessels)

The Suit of Cups typically represents emotions & relationships.

When a Cup appears, you’re meant to examine and challenge your genuine desires.

Suit of Swords

(aka Blades or Knives)

The Suit of Swords typically represents knowledge & intellect.

When a Sword appears, you’re meant to consider your rational mind & use logic in your decisions.

Suit of Swords - Knowledge & Intellect
Suit of Wands - Energy & Inspiration

Suit of Wands

(aka Arrows, Rods, or Sticks)

The Suit of Wands typically represents energy and inspiration.

When a Wand appears, you’re meant to start something new and embrace your passions.

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