The Major Arcana cards address your life’s most important issues and larger themes. They often represent external forces that are outside your control.

Major Arcana cards can help you see your situation in a larger context or help you learn a life lesson from your situation.

The Major Arcana cards are sometimes referred to as the Trump Cards of a tarot deck.

The Major Arcana Cards

Dive deeper into the individual cards that make up the Major Arcana.

0 – the Fool: the start of something new

I – the Magician: with power, skill, and focus

II – the High Priestess: follow your intuition

III – the Empress: with care

IV – the Emperor: the power to control

V – the Hierophant: acquiring wisdom and knowledge

VI – the Lovers: choose love

VII – the Chariot: keep going

VIII – Strength: it starts within

IX – the Hermit: a solitary search within

X – the Wheel of Fortune: continuous motion

XI – Justice: achieving balance

XII – the Hanged Man: just wait

XIII – Death: out with the old

XIV – Temperance: your unique blend

XV – the Devil: it lives in you

XVI – the Tower: nothing will ever be the same

XVII – the Star: everything is going to be okay

XVIII – the Moon: under the surface

XIX – the Sun: experiencing the joys

XX – Judgement: call for accountability and change

XXI – the World: a completed cycle

Examples of Major Arcana Cards

The Major Arcana cards are archetypes (ideals, not real people). You can try to tap into the power they represent but you are never going to become or live as the card itself.

Here are 6 examples of major cards that I love from different decks.

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