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Intro: Ten of Coins Tarot Card Meaning - financial celebrations

Tarot Alley uses the Rider Waite type of deck for our meanings, symbols, interpretations, etc.

When determining the Ten of Coins tarot card meaning, you should consider that it’s a Coins card and a Ten. The Suit of Coins represents the material world. Tens represent completion, exhaustion, and finality.

In this way, we can determine that the Ten of Coins represents financial celebrations.

Take a look at the Rider-Waite Ten of Coins displayed to the left (or above).

What is your first impression?

What is up with all these coins just floating around? Can you discern a pattern? Who are the figures? Did you notice all four immediately or was one (or more) hidden/obscured? What do the dogs want?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, just your interpretation.

Astrology: Mercury in Virgo
Element: Earth
Numerology: 10 (completion, exhaustion, finality)

Common Symbols

  • An Abundance of Coins: the coins in this card commonly very prominent. It’s common for decks to shape them into a “tree of life” pattern. This represents overflow.
  • The Thoughtful Elder: many decks depict an older person deep in thought. This represents exhaustion.

Keywords & Concepts

  • Abundance
  • Acquisition
  • Greed
  • Wealth

The Ten of Coins for Personal Growth

Affirmation: I keep physical and financial matters in perspective.

Your material possessions and finances do not define who you are as a person. Make sure you know and are at peace with you really are.

Ask Yourself:

  • How much stuff do you really need?
  • How do you feel about wealth and abundance? How do you define these terms?
  • How might shedding some possessions open room in your life for growth?
  • At what point do you believe physical possessions and concerns limit progress?
  • Consider your wealth, family, and future. How do these topics play a role in your current situation?

Interpreting the Ten of Coins

Generally, the Ten of Coins represents financial celebrations. This is a time to consider, appreciate, and celebrate the good things. How lucky are you? Find satisfaction with your financial achievements.

Throw a little party and celebrate you and those around you. Have a feast! Shower your loved ones with gifts (that you can afford, no need to spend recklessly).

The Reversed Ten of Coins

How you read reversals is a personal choice. You can ignore reversals and read them as if the card is upright (this is what I often choose to do) or you can interpret reversals as variations of what they would mean upright. There are 3 common ways to read reversals: as a negative interpretation, as an opposite interpretation, or as a block on the upright interpretation. Check out How to Read Reversals for more information.

Typically, a reversed Ten of Coins represents trying too hard. Examples include:

  • Giving extravagant or inappropriate gifts
  • Purchasing extravagant items that you may not really be able to afford
  • Trying too hard to impress others with your wealth
  • Obsessing about money

Examples of the Ten of Coins

Specific Interpretations

Specific situations are the general interpretation (from above) used for a specific situation (love, career, etc). There is no need to memorize these (or even look them up) if you understand the general interpretation. However, here are some basic interpretations for some specific situations:


Gifts are great but they cannot compensate for genuine affection.


You are not for sale, your skills are. Examine any opportunities carefully and know when to say no.


Consider donating your excess possessions.

the Ten of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

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The Ten of Coins tarot card meaning is all about financial celebrations. Celebrate what you have (regardless of the amount) but don’t let things define you.

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