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Intro: Five of Coins Tarot Card Meaning - financial instability

Tarot Alley uses the Rider Waite type of deck for our meanings, symbols, interpretations, etc.

When determining the Five of Coins tarot card meaning, you should consider that it’s a Coins card and a Five. The Suit of Coins represents the material world. Fives represent confrontation, instability, and resistance.

In this way, we can determine that the Five of Coins represents financial instability.

Take a look at the Rider-Waite Five of Coins displayed to the left (or above).

What is your first impression?

What’s happening in this image? Who are the figures? What are they experiencing? Where are they?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, just your interpretation.

Astrology: Mercury in Taurus
Element: Earth
Numerology: 5 (confrontation, instability, resistance)

Common Symbols

  • Destitute Figures: to represent struggle
  • Stained Glass Window: to represent aid

Keywords & Concepts

  • Crisis
  • Destitution
  • Need
  • Poverty

The Five of Coins for Personal Growth

Affirmation: I have faith that what I need will appear.

Whining will not solve your problems. Take stock of what resources you have and what needs are critical. Focus on what you can actually do to avoid self-pity and depression.

Ask Yourself:

  • What critical resources do you lack?
  • What people or groups would come to your aid if you asked? What keeps you from approaching them?
  • How might an impoverished spirit be impacting your physical or financial condition?
  • How does isolation figure into your situation? How might your situation be enriched by reaching out to others?
  • To what extent might strong emotions be blinding you to quick and easy solutions?

Interpreting the Five of Coins

Generally, the Five of Coins represents financial instability. This is not generally a preferred card to see.

It’s important that you recognize what you need and take the actions necessary to fulfill those needs. You’ll have to do as much as you can with whatever resources you have access to. You may not be able to do it alone and that’s okay. Everyone needs help sometimes.

Admit when you need help, ask for it, and then embrace whatever help comes your way.

If you want to focus on the positive – and I try to do that – now is a time to focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t. The world – including you and your situation – is always changing so look for the light at the end of this tunnel.

The Reversed Five of Coins

How you read reversals is a personal choice. You can ignore reversals and read them as if the card is upright (this is what I often choose to do) or you can interpret reversals as variations of what they would mean upright. There are 3 common ways to read reversals: as a negative interpretation, as an opposite interpretation, or as a block on the upright interpretation. Check out How to Read Reversals for more information.

Typically, a reversed Five of Coins represents wallowing. Examples include:

  • Exaggerating your needs (for attention or free stuff or self-pity)
  • Refusing to support yourself
  • Refusing offers of support from others
  • Playing the martyr
  • Turning down opportunities that would improve your situation

Examples of the Five of Coins

Specific Interpretations

Specific situations are the general interpretation (from above) used for a specific situation (love, career, etc). There is no need to memorize these (or even look them up) if you understand the general interpretation. However, here are some basic interpretations for some specific situations:


Some people are never satisfied. Make sure that your relationship isn’t draining your wallet (and spirit).


It’s easy to focus on what is lacking (not enough customers, resources, innovations). Instead of focusing on the deficits, consider what you do have and how you could make new use of it.


Who/whatever your higher power is, they’re there to help and support you so turn to them!

the Five of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

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The Five of Coins tarot card meaning is all about financial instability. Now is the time to be cautious with money. Stretch a little to enable you to do a lot.

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